Today, we are standing in a digital world, and computer vision greatly impacts our lives.

No wonder science has improved more than we think, and one of its examples is computer vision technology. It makes your business easy and light for you.

Before jumping into anything, let’s get to know about what computer vision is:

Computer vision

Computer vision is a type of artificial intelligence technology that detects important information from images and videos. It is like advanced science to understand machines through a digital medium. This will help our lives to run quickly and work faster.

Let’s start the discussion about every type of computer visionary, and you can choose from which style of projects is convenient for your work.

For Beginners

The First 5 computer vision projects are all about beginner’s projects, which are helpful for everyone.

  • Sketching a Photo

With the help of computer vision, you can process an image and transform the picture in as many filters as you wish.

By using this app, you can change your input picture as you want. You can change a normal picture into a sketch.

  • Detecting Contour & Edge

This is another incredible feature of computer vision projects. By detecting edges, you can check all the advantages of an image. One of the best apps for detecting edges is Python OpenCV.

Detecting contour means finding a particular shape in a picture. Suppose you want to find all the rectangular shapes of any image, so you need to choose the rectangular shape, and it shows all the rectangular items.

  • ●     Face Recognition

Before a decade, this project counted into an advanced one, but nowadays, it’s used simply in any smartphone. This feature recognizes your face by detecting your facial features. This face recognition feature is called “template matching.”

  • Detecting Objects

This project works in videos. Suppose you need to choose any particular object in a video. It would help if you put the object name, and the OpenCV finds the object for you in the video.

This is an easy and helpful feature for beginners.

  • Watermarking with open cv

Today, it is becoming a trend that every business needs its symbol or watermarking in every image, whether big or small. It is constant work to do.

So this feature is a pain reliever for you. You need to build a project to watermark every picture automatically, and it’ll do it.

For Intermediates

Now I discuss the second 5 projects for intermediates. Let’s start it:

  • ●     Detecting Human Posing

This project is used in both videos and images. In many games, people want to know the player’s pose or in which pose a model can walk. So this feature helps to identify that particular pose in any video or image.

  • Recognize Human hand Gesture

Here you need to recognize a hand gesture; after you recognize it. It’ll assign commands to them. Many games applications use this feature.

  • ●     Converting Image into Cartoon

This is a fun project. You need to choose an image and put it in the open Cv, and it’ll transfer it into a cartoon image. This is an exciting project, and today many people are using it.

  • ●     Autonomous Vehicles Lane Detection

This is a worthwhile project for helping self-driving cars. It’ll detect the lane on the road and run smoothly. Another way to use this project is by traffic police. They can see any vehicle that runs rashly or in an improper way.

  • ●     Document Scanner in Mobile

We are almost all related to this project. It is a worthwhile project for everyone who requires a handy scanning machine. So here it is, you can use your scanning machine anywhere.

You can use this scanner in an image from your mobile gallery, or you can just click a picture on your phone, and it’ll scan the image thoroughly. 

Computer Vision for Advance Projects

Now here are some advanced computer vision projects.

  • ●     Transformation of Image

By using this project, you can transform any picture in any form.

When a standard GAN form is used on a picture, it doesn’t change. But with this project, you can change any image according to your requirements

  • ●     Colorization of Pictures

Colorization of pictures is a project, which revives your old memories. But using this method, you can color any old black and white picture. It’ll look new when you use this feature. This method needs Deep Neural Networks. This technique classifies any image and colorizes it.

Earlier it was an impossible job, but today it became possible only because of this project.

  • ●     Scanner for Vehicle Licence Plate

Autonomous scanning vehicle license plates is a computer vision project. This is used to serve many purposes. This is not only to help law enforcement but also to help to identify stolen cars, track any criminals, etc.

An advanced vehicle license plate scanner can read, scan and identify 100 above vehicles in just a minute.

  • ●     Generating Data Augmentation

The Data Augmentation project is beneficial for those who need a huge amount of data in a short time. You can use this technique to increase the dataset by doing rotation, zooming, flipping, etc.

  • ●     Responsive Image Reverse Search

This project is unique, as you can find similar images of your database by just putting an image that you think has the reverse.

You have to choose one of your database images to reverse it, and then the technique finds similar images from your database.


As you can read all the projects, you get to know how advancements science has made. Earlier times, these things were impossible to think about, but now it’s all in our hands and makes our lives easier.

These 15 projects are the most relevant and efficient computer vision projects I can assure you. If you are a learner or have already learned, you can use all these computer vision projects according to your requirements.

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