Digital Marketing itself has gained a famous segment for worldwide businesses. By only using the internet and online technology devices, one can easily step into a digital marketing platform within their home comfort.

During the late 20th century, this marketing process started. But after the covid pandemic broke down in 2020, this digital marketing platform’s growth doubled all over the world as people can’t visit physically. People can get anything they want with just a click. It does not need many things to use this digital marketing, and you can quickly get its advantages with the help of your mobile phone, laptop, desktop, or whatever smart devices you use.

Today small businesses also use this platform to make growth in their businesses. As digital marketing does not need any capital to start, people are day by day involved in this marketing process to promote and showcase their products free of cost, and digital marketing has become a digital marketing trend in today’s world.

How Digital Marketing started

It all started from non-internet channels, i.e., Television, and today it’s hype. Digital Marketing was first introduced in the 1990s when personal computers and Customer Relationship Management or CRM became popular in markets.

According to a data report in 2000, it was discovered that after the invention of the iPhone, people are very dependent on search engines for a new product in the market rather than asking a salesman for any product.

So, according to customers’ needs, the vendors need to change their marketing strategy and try to give their product ads on the internet so people worldwide can look into their products. And this strategy indeed hit and gained popularity within a short time, and people slowly got used to digital marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has 11 variations, and all of them are equally important for its growth and stability. These 11 kinds of Digital Marketings are as follows:

  • Email Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Television Advertisement
  • Mobile Advertisement
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Radio Advertisement

Importance of Digital Marketing in Today’s World

In today’s busy world where everyone needs something within their grip, digital marketing is a very important way for everyone. After 2020 people are very much dependable upon this platform as it gives them the freedom to choose over the world’s every product. It does not matter where one can live or do. If they know how to use a phone, then definitely knows how to use this platform properly.

Digital Marketing not only makes the world accessible, but it also gives many new opportunities to youth to work in their comfort zone. It also allows people to do what they love doing and earn a good profit from it. People like me who don’t want to do a 9 to 5 job have the freedom to do anything I want. You are your own boss in this era of the digital marketing world.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

In today’s digital world, people want something time-saving and easy. And most importantly, pocket-friendly and digital marketing or online marketing, whatever you call it, gives you everything in one place.

After discussing the importance, let’s discuss its advantages so you can have a clear and clean view of why digital marketing is #01 in trends now.

  • Easy to manage :

One of the main advantages of  Digital Marketing is its easiness so that any people of any age can easily understand it.

  • Low Cost:

Rather than hugely costed planned marketing strategies, digital marketing is low-cost for the new vendors.

  • Globalized:

As the internet reaches worldwide, digital marketing is not separate from it. One can easily search for something which belongs to the other end of the world and get it.

Final Thought

Digital Marketing is known by many different names over the world, such as internet marketing, online marketing, etc. But whatever you call it, it gives our life a new way to live, easy and simple. ¬†Nowadays ‘Trends’ the term is very popular among our youth generation, who love to live in every day’s new trends and follow them thoroughly. The same happened in digital marketing, today’s sellers are also using this method to make a profit, and it is only possible with the help of digital marketing.

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