Top 10 Amazon Marketing Hacks to Sell More Products

Amazon Marketing Hacks to Sell More Products

Today Amazon has become one of the most important eCommerce platforms worldwide. So the competition among the sellers also increases. As the popularity grew, Amazon became more than a marketing tool and had its product search engine just like Google or Bing. Which is known as Amazon’s SEO. So to sell more products on Amazon and become a successful seller on Amazon, one needs to know some tips about it. Let me help with that and get to know how to sell more on Amazon.

Amazon A9 Algorithm

Before starting anything, the most important thing one needs to know is that Amazon uses an algorithm for selling or seeing the overall growth of sellers, called the Amazon A9 algorithm.

This works similar to the Google algorithm, but the difference between the two is that the Amazon a9 algorithm worked on the rankings of the products by knowing which products sell the most and getting a higher order. So you can notice this algorithm will help you rank high on Amazon. And I will discuss the top 10 hacks to become a successful seller on Amazon.


Product optimization
Promoting strategy

These 10 hacks will help you to sell more on Amazon, so let’s get to know about these

Product optimization

1. Choose the right product

One of the first things one needs to know as a new seller on Amazon is which products sell and not. To see this thing more clearly, one needs to research which products sell the most or are required by people more than once. It will not only help to sell the product but also encourage repeat business.

2. Product title optimization

Product title optimization is one of the most important aspects of Amazon. It will help increase CTR and help rank for product-related searches. If the product title is optimized, people will get intrigued. Amazon includes the following mentions: brand name, color, size, quantity, description, etc.

3. Using the right keywords

Giving the right keywords with the product description will help Amazon rank which searches are listed higher. These keywords are invisible to the public, so you don’t need to choose a sales one. Rather, choose it strategically.

Some tips to choose the right keywords are:

Use a longer tailed keyword

  • Use the entire field of keywords
  • Don’t repeat the same word
  • Don’t use filler words


4. Flexible pricing strategy

One of the most competitive and effective factors in Amazon is a flexible pricing strategy. Using a responsive pricing strategy will help you to change the prices quickly and remain in the competition, which is a key to more product sales and exposure.

5. Used a specific value

One of the unique marketing strategies that the public likes is seeing a product price ending with $99. When a seller gives a sale on a product ending with $99, the public is more attracted to it than the other regular product price.

Promoting strategy

6. Product photography

Product photography is a helpful aspect to increase sales. This can create visual effects on customers’ minds, but it was often misleading when a seller gives a smaller or larger picture than the exact product. One can use tools like Silhouettes that visualize the exact product and don’t create any confusion.

7. Use a precise ad

This hack is suggested to the vendors as sellers have a third-party advertising option. There are three main ad formats on Amazon:

  • Amazon sponsored product ads
  • Amazon Headline search ads
  • Amazon product ads or Product display ads.

Vendors can choose any of these ads for their product advertising, but the third-party seller can only use the Amazon-sponsored product ads.

8. Discount and giveaways

Being a new seller, if you want to sell your products, you need to give discounts and giveaways in the beginning so that customers get attracted and buy from you more than your competitors.

9. Be active in receiving feedbacks

Another important aspect of Amazon is getting feedback or reviews, which tells customers about the quality of your product.  Many of the customers today, before purchasing a product they want to know reviews, and then they buy it to play a great role.

10. Improvise seller performance

A seller can always improve his seller performance; it helps to gain potential customers, and customers are constantly involved with the particular seller.

Some factors that worked on improvising a seller performance are:

  • Order Defect Rate
  • Pre fulfillment cancel rate
  • Last shipment rate

Final Impressions

As the competition rate of Amazon gets high day by day, many merchants are rethinking how they deal with all these things along with their business. So one can take professional assistance to use these hacks and sell more products on Amazon. These adobe 10 hacks are the most useful ones to use for any business on Amazon, and these are also proven to be helpful for the seller. If you are a new seller, I suggest using these tricks today to see the results.

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