Who doesn’t know about Instagram?

Instagram is a top-rated social media app where we all share our life moments and memories in the form of pictures, videos, boomerangs, and short clips.

Also, people have made Instagram a way of earning by doing brand collaborations and by promoting their own products to influence people to buy their products. 

As we all know, after the tik-tok ban, Instagram introduced its new reels feature. The Instagram Reel helps content creators interact on a large scale with only one video. Instagram also promotes reels because, following changes to the reels feature algorithm, Instagram began promoting reels more than stories and posts. So now the question comes:

How to earn money from Instagram reels features?

The Reel Feature can be used in several ways to earn money. As reels can help you get connected with people on a large scale at one time, that helps you gain followers, views, and likes. 

Provide them with good and real content. 

If you start entertaining your audience with good, original, and genuine content, Surely you will get fame on Instagram, and people will begin to know you, as well as the big brand. Big brands collaborate with content creators to make reels and posts using their products, and in return, brands pay the influencers for making content with their products and influencing the audience to buy and use their products. And influencers also give discount codes to their audience to buy the brand’s product.

By promoting your own business

People, including influencers, buy products from Instagram stores rather than Flipkart and Amazon. Instagram Influencers also work with small Instagram business pages to support small businesses and persuade their followers to purchase products from small Instagram business pages. So you can also be your influencer by promoting your products.

You can influence people to buy your products by using your products in your videos, telling the audience about the benefits of your products, and by making videos on trending sounds and trending dance steps. So the video will help you connect with more people and make people aware of your business and products. So that people can contact you to buy your products.

By doing affiliate marketing

Become an influencer and build a good audience first by producing high-quality content that you are passionate about, and then, once you have a sizable audience, expand your reach. Keep interacting with them by updating what you are wearing, where it is from, what products you have used on your face for skincare or make-up, or anything that your audience wants to know about you.

While updating them on the product links you’re discussing, make sure the product links you’re sharing with them are from your own created shop on online shopping apps like Flipkart and Amazon. When a person buys something from your provided link, you will receive a lump sum of compensation for their purchase.

By using every feature of Instagram 

It is essential to use every feature of Instagram in your reels, especially the trending features like trending songs, trending dances, and trending filters, i.e., you just hop into the trend with the time. A trend will help you gather more audience and will help you engage with a large audience at a time, so if you’re making a trending reel with your product, it will help the large crowd know about your product. The more people interact, the more your product will get sold. 


Making money on Instagram or using its reel feature is not difficult; all you need is patience and consistency. Be consistent with your work and continue to provide and entertain your audience with high-quality, knowledge-rich content. The more your content is interesting, the more you will grow, and the more you will grow with followers, the more people will engage with your content and support it if they like it. I hope the article was informative for you.

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