Instagram, owned by Meta, is a top-rated app among youngsters. Last week, Instagram came up with many new features, and many of them were in testing, like “Take a Break” and “Add yours.” The Take a Break feature reminds users to take a break from the app after a limited time for 10, 20, 30, or 40 minutes. Add your stickers to allow users to make public threads in stories and enjoy interacting with and watching each other’s photos. This feature also allows users to respond to each other’s stories on certain topics.

Instagram recently came up with two more new features for its app. The photo-sharing app, which Meta owns, now has a “Rage Shake” feature that makes its users work easier to report app issues. Earlier, users had to go into Settings > Help > Report a Problem

 and then write a report to report any issue. Users now only need to shake their phones to report any problems with the app. After shaking, a little notification will pop up on the screen. You just have to type the issue you face, and tada, your work is done.

And the second Instagram feature is “Carousel Deletion,” which allows Instagram users to delete a single image from a post with a bunch of images. Earlier, users either deleted the whole carousel or the archive that posted the image. The new feature will show a bin icon at the top of the menu. After deleting the single image, users have to click on it to save it.

Both features were introduced to Instagram users on Twitter by Instagram head Adam Mosseri in the form of a video tweet. He explained everything about both the features in his video. Adam Mosseri also mentioned that the “Rage Shake” feature would help Meta get to know about bugs within their app instantly and help the company know how to fix the bugs in the app. For now, the feature is only available for U.S. users on both iOS and Android phones.

In his video about the Rage Shake feature, Adam Mosseri also mentioned that “Have you ever used Instagram and it wasn’t working like it was supposed to? Maybe Stories didn’t load, maybe the audio wasn’t working, maybe you couldn’t upload a photo, and it was just really getting you, really pissing you off. Now, you can shake the phone, and a little option will come up that allows you to report a problem, ” 

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– Carousel Deletion (finally!)
– Rage Shake

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Meta has the “Shake to Report” feature in their Facebook app, through which Facebook users can report issues they are facing while using the Facebook app by shaking their mobile phones. Facebook users can also turn off the features by going into the settings. Also, Snapchat has the same features where Snapchat users can shake their devices and report the issue they are facing while using the app. 

The “Shake to Report” feature has already been implemented in apps like Facebook, where users can report technical issues with the app by shaking their device, along with a setting to turn off the feature. Snapchat also has a similar feature where users can shake their devices to report an issue. 

Overall, the new features of Instagram are amazing, we can say, because they have made our work easy and Instagram interesting.

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