So today, we have come up with some good creative ideas for B2B social media posts. In a survey, 48% of B2B customers stated that the ads they see on B2B are quite dull. When you are on such a social media platform, it becomes really important to keep posting engaging content. 79% of B2B marketers said that B2B platforms help them meet their objectives. Business on social media is a much-needed thing in today’s world.

Some tips to create B2B social media posts that are engaging and unique are mentioned below. Take 5 minutes and have a look.

Stop Pushing So Many Useless Messages.

B2B social media marketers often keep on forcing useless hard-selling and promotion messages on their audience without knowing the buyers’ needs, interests, and wants, making buyers less interested and irritated. 

It would help if you were focused on their needs and wants first. Your content must be simple and tailored to the buyer’s needs. The content must contain about the service which you are offering. It is better than other brands’ products, its various functions; how it works; its specialties, the ingredients, etc. A report stated that 88% of B2B top marketers always prioritize their audience’s needs and wants rather than prioritize promotion and sales messages.

Make Use of Targeting Hashtags.

Yes, using hashtags has a huge impact on your content and growth. If you are not using hashtags, you miss an excellent opportunity to get in touch with an audience other than your followers.

Hashtags help you make your content more specific and help you reach new customers. Using hashtags makes your content specific and enables you to gain new audiences and new customers. It would help if you used relevant hashtags according to your content niche. If you choose between using branded hashtags and public hashtags, always use general hashtags.

Trying to Interact With Other Brands

If you are not tagging other brands in your social posts, you miss a significant impression and reach. Tagging brands on your social posts brings brands together for a conversation. It boosts the visibility of your content and gives the new audience a chance to engage in it.

Try Using a Different Type of Post 

Always provide a different, creative and attractive type of content. 71% of marketers in B2B social media are using Adobe and Canva to make their content. They are all posting video content as well. So, try not to follow the crowd because what works for others might not work for you. So keep trying different types of content that are informative yet attractive at the same time. And also, keep noticing how your audience reacts to the new type of content you are posting. 

Update Your Customers’ Reviews 

Nowadays, new customers believe in reviews from customers who have used your service before more than brands and salesperson testimonials. Try to collect your reviews from the people who have used your service before. How they like your service, what things need to be changed, what things were the best, or ask for short review videos from them and post them on your account so that after watching those videos, new customers get confidence in using your service.

Grab Identification With Paid Social Media

Over the last 12 months, 72% of B2B social media brands have stated that they have used paid social ads to get identification in the market. 

Paid social ads help you meet the new audience interested in your service. It helps you get content with the people who have already interacted with you once and makes you reach without social barriers to the audience in need of the service you are offering. 


It is effortless, especially for B2B social media marketers, to gain buyers’ trust if they keep such small things in their minds. Give these tips a try. Even if you use only a few tips, you will surely get the results. As these tips are already tested, they will surely help you achieve your B2B marketing goals and lead you to succeed in getting what you aim for.

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