The Complete SEO Checklist

Creating and developing a website and its contents requires a lot of skills. In today’s world, where every business is online, it is very crucial to survive online. Creating good content is not just enough these days. If someone wants their website to reach the maximum audience, they have to start working on SEO tools and structure the website accordingly. This seems to be difficult and time-consuming; well, it indeed requires a lot of hard work.

Search Engine Optimisation is a term for improving a website’s visibility on various search engine platforms. Nowadays content of a website is like the interior of a house, and a house requires a strong foundation and here, working on SEO is as same as making the foundation of a house strong so that its beauty can be utilized. The SEO tools improve the rankings of a website by doing an SEO audit checklist on different search engines, which further makes the website more visible and increases its reach.

Why should a developer focus on SEO?

Developing a beautiful website with no bugs is and creating the best content for the same website is just one side of the coin. The growth of the businesses needs to increase its ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). By website audit checklist, you can find the errors on your website.

If a developer codes a website beautifully with good content and follows Google’s best practices, then that website has the highest possibility to receive higher rankings on SERPs. 

Building an Optimized Website

It is very crucial for the success of an organization to build an optimized website to increase its customer base. There are some tips or tools which a developer must keep in mind while coding for a new website, and the result of the same will be reflected very soon. Let us have a look at those tips or tools.

  1. Image Optimization-

Your code and build a website with beautiful content. To add to the beauty, you use images of high quality. But did you know that if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, more than 53% of users will leave your website? That’s true. High-quality images make the website slow and take more time to load. All web developers should use low-quality good images on a website to not take much time to load.

2. Headings-

Headings are HTML tags, and search engines use these tags to index the content and structure of a website. It is essential to make it very clear for the audience. The big and bold headings define the whole structure of the websites.

3 Well-Structured Data-

Structure data helps the search engines to know about your website. It helps search engines in matching the queries with your website if it is well structured. It also depends on the coding of the website and how well its contents are composed.

4. Video Optimization-

Well, we all know that videos are large, and using them on your website can make you face penalties from different search engines like Google. Always use other platforms for videos and just put a nice and creative thumbnail on your website so that a user can be directed on that another platform

5. Mobile Optimization-

The mobiles are used more than the Desktops. According to data, in 2018, 40.1% of time spent on the internet was from mobile users. This figure will increase in the future as the number of mobile users increases. So make your website so that a user can easily access it on their mobile phones. It increases the chances of a higher ranking on the search engines.

6. Page Speed-

How faster your website loads is crucial in deciding your website’s ranking on search engine platforms. Some ways are suggested above to improve the loading speed of a website that must be followed.

7. Alt Tags-

It is another essential thing that must be one very developer’s checklist. Alt tags are another HTML tag that acts basically as a label for videos, images, hyperlinks, and other resources. 

The tips mentioned above can help a website increase its reach and visibility on search engine platform results. So start your SEO transformation journey today and make your website a successful one.

Thank You!