Telegram is an online messaging app similar to WhatsApp. It was launched in October 2013 for Android and on August 14, 2013, for iOS. Pavel Durov is the owner of the Telegram messaging app.

What’s new?

Recently, the Telegram messaging platform on Friday announced the feature of sponsored messaging. The sponsored messaging feature will allow users to promote their channels. This new tool will provide admins with a more easy and efficient way to promote their channels and bots.

More about Telegram’s sponsored messaging features.

The Telegram sponsored messaging feature will allow Telegram users to promote their channels by writing a message with 160 characters only, related to the channel only. Telegram users will sponsor messages only on public channels with 100 subscribers. According to Telegram, users in personal groups and chats will not see sponsored messages. Also, the company will not analyze users’ data to show ads. Telegram also promises that the profiles of those users who will interact with the sponsored post and their profiles will be kept secure, and no tracking will be done. 

The sponsored messaging feature is still in testing; it is provided to limited users only, and it will be provided to other users soon. Every user at a time will see the same thing at once. Telegram will develop some more tools for “precision and efficiency” advertising for its users. Precise and efficient features will allow users to choose the theme and channel whose ads they want to see. 

Telegram app said that it hopes sponsored messaging features will prove beneficial for all the telegram channel admins. I hope it will make it easy for admins to promote their channels. As of now, they don’t need to post regular messages as an ad on their channel. For now, sponsoring statements are available for limited people in testing. Still, when it is available to every telegram user, all the admins will deliver their channels and message content to our hundred million users. 

We think Telegram has come up with a great feature. As it favors channel admins, It will make the work of admins easier and help to a great extent in promoting their channels and getting a good audience. Telegram is also good at giving privacy to its users. It never takes the privacy and security of its users lightly. What’s your view about the sponsored message service feature of Telegram?

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