As we reach the ending of 2021 just take a look at which apps and games are at the top of newly published Google’s best Android apps and games of 2021. Before starting, the article this year google disclosed the list in many categories so I’ll try to tell you the name of each and every app and games names category wisely.

Here is the list:

The best Android Apps and Games of 2021.

First I start with the best apps of 2021. So here are the best free apps for android of 2021 for you:

The Best Android apps of 2022

Best choice Android app of 2021 in India

According to Google Play Store, this year’s best app in India is – Bitclass: Learn anything, Live together, it is a free learning app, a Bangalore-based entrepreneur developed it. It offers different kinds of online classes like from banking classes to dance or theatre classes. These are available for free and paid for both.

Best Fun apps of 2021


Clubhouse: the best Social app

FrontRow: learn singing and rap

Best Every day essential apps

Guardian from Truecaller

Sarva: Yoga & Meditation

Sortizy: Recipes, meal planner & Grocery lists

Best Personal growth apps

Embibe: learning outcomes app

Evolve Mental Health: self-care & CBT

Best Underappreciated apps

Moonbeam: Podcast discovery

Jumping Minds: Talk & Feel better

Learn Leadership, ProductProduct,  Marketing Skills on FWD

Best app for Good

Evergreen club: Health, Fitness, Fun & Learning

Being: your mental health friend

Speechify: text to speech tts

Best Tablets apps


Concepts: Sketch, Note, Draw

Houzz: Home Design & Remodel

Best apps for Wear

My Fitness Pal


Sleep Cycle: Sleep analysis & Smart alarm clock

Here it ends the best Android apps of 2021 now. I started with the best Android games list. Like the apps on the list, games are also distributed category-wise. During the pandemic, many people convert their minds to games to not go stressed out. And it also happened in India, so here’s the list of best gaming android games.

Best Android Game Apps of 2021

Best game of 2021

According to Google Play Store, the first on the list of best games of 2021 is – Battlegrounds Mobile India.  It is also a Users Choice Game of the year.

Best Game Changers


Unmaze – a myth of shadow & light

Tears of Themis

NieR Re(in)carnation

Best Indie Games

DeLight: The Journey Home


My Friend Pedro

Ronin: The Last Samurai

Bird Alone

Best Competitive Games

Summoners War: Lost Centuria

Marvel Future Revolution

Pokemon Unite

Suspects: Mystery Mansion

Best Pick-up & Play Games

Cat in Time: Relaxing Puzzle Games

Crash Bandicoot: On the run!

Dadish 2

Disney Pop Town

Switchcraft: The Magical Match 3

Best Games for Tablets

Chicken Police – Paint it RED!


The Procession to Cavalry

Wrap it up

This list is totally based on the Google Play Store announcement of the best apps & games list of 2021. According to Google which app or game is at the top of the list is called “the gold standard”. I hope you read the whole article and found this article useful according to your interest.

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