Who doesn’t know about Spotify?

Spotify is the World’s largest online music streaming Swedish app, our all-time mood booster. It was launched on 23 April in 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon

What’s the big news?

After ignoring its users’ demand for years, finally, on Thursday, Spotify announced that they are making available the live lyrics features to more countries by now. The availability of the live lyrics feature will be for both free and premium users across every platform. Spotify has come up with this feature in partnership with Musixmatch for Spotify users in India, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and many more regions. Spotify has made its total chances of gaining more popularity among countries by this feature.

Spotify tested its live lyrics feature for the first time in June 2020 for its users in Asia (including India), South America, and the Caribbean. Spotify also mentioned that this feature was our users’ demand for the longest time.

How to use the live lyrics feature of Spotify?

Live lyrics on the Spotify app can be seen by swiping up on the ” now playing view ” of the currently playing song.  The lyrics will scroll by themselves with the audio of the song. Spotify has also given access to their users to share the playing song lyrics from the screen by just one tap to the share button at the bottom of the lyrics page. For desktop users, there is the microphone icon in the now playing bar to watch live lyrics of playing a song

Wait, what Spotify lyrics are available on console apps too?

Yes, Spotify did their live lyrics features. Spotify has expanded its partnership with Musixmatch to develop this live lyrics feature.  Spotify users can experience the new feature on iOS phones, Android phones, desktop apps of Spotify, Smart Televisions, and gaming consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Amazon Fire Television, Android TV, and Samsung Television Roku, Sky,  Comcast, and PlayStation 4.

For activating the Spotify television app, users have to click on the lyrics button in the bottom right corner of the now playing bar.

Finally, Spotify has fulfilled its users’ wish after ignoring it for years. Although 28 markets, including Japan, have experienced the live lyrics feature after testing in 2019.

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