According to Google’s report, 46% of the total searches were local information. Local SEO boost is very much essential for small businesses.  If your business is not optimized for the local area, this means that you are missing out on many potential customers in your area. To maintain your business’s relevancy, local SEO is very much crucial.

We know the importance of optimization for local SEO. That is why we have created a list of tips and tools which can help a small business to optimize local SEO. Check this out to expand your local customer reach.

  1. Optimization of Google My Business

This is the most effective local SEO tool. Through this tool, a business can get special features that Google offers to all businesses. This helps in increasing the visibility of business online.

Consumers can leave their reviews on your Google’s business column. When Google authenticates your business, it gives you side space in the local business’s column. Use this tool to enhance your interaction with your consumer.

  • Increase Social Media Activity and Posts on Google My business

Google now gives recognition to social media posts more than ever. Design your Google My Business account beautifully. Add posts of your social media accounts on Google My Business. This helps in the alignment of your social media and search on Google.

  • Ensure Consistency of Your Business’s Details on the Internet

Ensure that the detail about your business on Google is correct and consistent. This consistency helps potential customers to know more about your business. Local businesses get boosted up with this feature of Google.

This also makes it easier for your customers to find you online. Include NAP, an abbreviation for name, address, and phone number. Include this with your crawlable HTML text on your website.

  • Auditing of Local SEO

Once you optimize your business for local SEO service, don’t stop working to enhance your online availability. Keep checking the works you have done. Check the following things to keep yourself up in the business.

  • Google My Business Audit- Check your positioning in SERPs. Check whether the information is correct. 
  • On-Page SEO Audit- Check if all the on-page SEO requisites are available on your web page or not.
  • Analysis of Competitors- This is the most important thing to check on. Keep checking the performance of your competitor’s website. 
  • Website Audit- Check your website if it is performing well or not. All the information is correct, and is it functioning accordingly or not.
  • Improve Internal Linking System

Internal linking supports website navigation which is very crucial for small businesses, it helps boost ranking. Also, it helps in page distribution and ranking powers among pages. This tool also offers assistance in managing website hierarchy and information architecture.

  • Add Location Pages to Your Website

This step is very much essential. This will provide readers with the business’s name, address, pin, description, information, promotions, and testimonials from happy customers. 

This further stops duplication on multiple location pages. Just add a small column of ‘About Us’ on your website. This will surely help your potential customers to know more about you.

  • Create Content For Local Customers

This is a smart way in which businesses post content for customers and not for search engines. Direct your focus towards posting local news and information which will attract a local audience.

Be the business in your area which posts all the information related to your industry in your area. This will establish your authority over that area. Think out of the box.

  • Make Website Mobile-Friendly

Finally, don’t forget this important SEO strategy. This is common for Local SEO as well as normal SEO. This tool helps in expanding the traffics on your website. The reason behind this is that maximum users use mobile phones these days. Now smartphones are ubiquitous and can be seen in everybody’s hands.

To develop your website, which can easily be accessed on a mobile phone.

Local SEO is a crucial business strategy for small businesses that’s why you need local SEO service. These strategies keep them alive in tough competitions. I hope this article is helpful for small business owners and helps them boost their local SEO.

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