As we all know, a few weeks ago, Facebook changed its name to Meta because Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg wanted the company name to reflect its future achievements. Mark Zuckerberg also mentioned that our company is known for its social media apps.

Still, we are also a company that builds technology to keep people together from different countries, not only apps. This announcement marks a new journey for the company. 

Other tech companies are also being influenced by Facebook and the new wave of the Metaverse. So the Los Angeles-based tech company Octi also came up with its new version of the Octi Metaverse.

Octi is a technical company founded in 2017 and owned by Justin Fuisz and Brian Biggott. It’s the world’s first social media platform that tends to merge the virtual world with the real world. 

Now octi has come up with its new version of octi, an octi metaverse app that allows its users to create and share the physical and virtual elements of blended videos. Like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, it provides its users with no advertising platform. This app includes experience to teenagers of future apps in the present time, much like how Metaverse is the future of the internet, the same way Octo Metaverse is the future upgraded version of Octo.

Octi is an iPhone app. Android users are not provided access to that app. It’s a teenager’s social media platform. The App is already live on the Apple App Store, and it contains a variety of virtual props that octi users can add to their videos. Octi was first launched in January this year. It has many controversial issues because of its facial recognition feature, which can help a user recognise their favourite YouTube and Spotify videos by scanning their faces.

The Octi app is an ad-free app. It also rewards creators with digital currency for creating video content. Users can use this currency to buy high-end brands like Nike and Reebok. The more likes they get on their video, the more they will be rewarded with digital currency. Octi users can also spend their currency on digital products that limit Octi users own. Octi also allows its users to sell their own digital products.

As per the tweet made by Octi’s official twitter account, Octi is now the No. 1 trending app in the Apple app Store.

If you think about it, what we’re dealing with today on social media is just an extension of TV ads, mentioned Justin Fuisz, Octi CEO and co-founder in his letter. “With this model, you can kind of move away from that… to pull this back into a safer, more creative place.”

We can say that Octi is really an amazing app to show your creativity. Its features are on another level, but the only bad thing about it is that it’s not for Android users. But we will accept an android version of it in the future. The app is still in development with its functions and design.

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