IGTV is a feature of Instagram that became popular after its launch in 2018. Not only did Instagram get famous, but its every feature was made for people’s benefit and became popular with the time. Instagram helps promote small businesses and brands by providing a platform to brand by showcasing their products and benefits of products to the people on a large scale by a single video. Instagram also helps brands to make content by using their products, which, in turn, when people watch their videos in the form of IGTV or reels, they get engaged with it and buy their products if they like the product.

What is IGTV ??

IGTV can be used as a video-making platform as a feature on Instagram or even From of app. IGTV gives its user the option of making videos for as long as one hour. Also, IGTV allows its users to make videos on their channel with specific content or the contact related to the already posted videos. IGTV also gives many benefits to your customers, like it provides uninterrupted video watching even on the phone. Also, your viewers don’t need to follow you, especially on IGTV. If they follow your brand on Instagram, they are automatically following you on IGTV too.

IGTV is better than Instagram videos, stories and reels features as IGTV brands can make long descriptive videos. In contrast, the Instagram reel Feature only allows you to take 15 seconds or 60 seconds videos and stories. Life is only for 24hrs after that. Unless you save them to your highlights, your viewers can’t watch your content.  That’s why IGTV is the best feature to promote your brand, as IGTV provides you to make long videos that long last on your channel until you delete them. You can also save your live videos as IGTV videos.

IGTV also provided a base for many small home-based brands in this pandemic era to identify the market as many people started their tiny homegrown businesses in the time of the pandemic. So here we have come up with ways your brand can use IGTV to grow on a large scale.

Some ways how brands can use IGTV to promote their products

  • Brands can make content by using their products and showcase products, describe viewers about products and their uses
  • Brands can make different types of content using their products and create good engaging and exciting content which must attract viewers.
  • Brands can also collaborate with other content creators who can help the brand make known by their followers and what type of service they are providing to the people.
  • Brands must be consistent with their content which will help viewers be engaged with brands’ content.
  • Brands can make different types of series displaying their products and uses of it and about what makes brands products better than other brand products like comparison or experiment types of descriptive videos.
  • Brands can also post their old videos on IGTV, like their Facebook or youtube videos.
  • Brands can also hop into the trend, like using trending songs to make a video more exciting and following the trend getting more views and getting more people to engage with it.
  • Brands must Make tutorial videos using their products so that people can see live demos of their products and can get more influence to buy them.


You can use IGTV video, and your brand is a wise way to grow your business. Here we have suggested some ways to your brand and use IGTV to grow your business. Hope you liked it.

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