Today we have come up with some great ideas about how to optimize conversions for Pay Per Click (PPC). The average google adds conversion rate is around 2%. 

If you are getting 2 customers on a visit of 100 readers or customers. Then I tell you, you are doing great. Most websites’ conversion rates are 0.1%-0.2% on visits of 1000 readers or customers.

So here are some tips to improve your conversion rate optimization.

Make Excellent And Simple Landing Pages. 

Your first goal must be to have a simple, attractive landing page, i.e., your landing page must have short and direct headlines, and it must be engaging so that it attracts customers and helps them get engaged with your page. Also, you must talk about your product and its benefits directly and descriptively on your landing page.

Try Adding A Third-Party Signup Service.

Asking people to sign up with alternative accounts has become increasingly popular with time. So give it a try. Instead of asking the visitor to create a new login account, ask them to use their Google, email, or Facebook account for signing in.

Try Adding Live Chat To Your Website.

Live chat has proven helpful for welling visitors, i.e., visitors who want to buy your goods but are having trouble shorting out some issue they are facing on the last step.

Adding a pop-up live chat tool is a good idea because it will aid in resolving the issues of these types of customers.

You Must Remove Distractions.

As I mentioned before, keep your landing page attractive and straightforward. There is nothing worse than a website having so much confusion on its landing page that it makes visitors less interested. 

Also, your landing page must be easy to navigate. Just keep it simple by adding a headline and subheading, benefits and features of the product that you’re offering, reviews of your old and regular customers, and content in a descriptive way about the service that you are offering to them.

Keep Trying New Offers.

Your offers must be comparable to the market. You must keep trying new offers until you find the one that will be beneficial to your customers. So keep on trying the new offers and find the perfect one for your customers.

Provide The Customer With A Money-Back Guarantee.

Who wants to take risks? Nobody, especially when it comes to spending money on something. So try assuring a money-back guarantee to your customers so that they take more interest in your service. A Money-back guarantee is one of those offers that helps customers get more engaged with your service.

Try Adding Highly Searched Keywords.

The more your ad has keywords, the higher it will be ranked, and people will get a chance to interact with it more. As a result, try including more commonly searched keywords to engage more customers.


Remarketing will surely help you with getting your PPC better. As it helps you engage with those people again who have once interacted with your content. Remarketing helps by showing your ads again to these kinds of people.

Try Removing Negative Keywords

Removing negative keywords will help you save money while improving your PPC results. Negative keywords are the words you don’t want to see in your ad.


Keeping track of your PPC will surely help you improve your PPC with time. Also, in keeping track of your PPC, you must keep checking small details of your website, like landing page, negative keywords, new keywords, quality of ads, etc. I hope the article was helpful and knowledgeable and that by reading it, you got some ideas for improving your PPC.

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