Now keep your private photos private with Google photos.

In today’s digital world, the main concern for everyone is ‘privacy’. Everybody wants to keep something in their lives private. They don’t want some information and photos to share publicly. Google photos are a tool in which a user can save their private photos, other than the main camera roll.

Earlier, this tool was available only on pixel devices of Google. The best part is that the photos are synced with your Google account. 

Your photos will be safe even if you start using another device. This service has been introduced for OnePlus and Samsung devices and published by Android Central. The old OnePlus devices are also getting access to this fantastic tool. As per Google’s statement in September, the features will roll out very “soon” to other devices. 

This featured tool of Google lets you secure your photos or videos in a folder unlocked biometrically or with a passcode. The images or videos you save in this tool are moved from your device’s camera roll into this tool.

It was announced in June at Google’s I/O Presentation. This tool was first introduced in Google’s phone model pixel3 and June. This feature from Google secures all the private photos and videos. This is the best for those with lots of private photos and videos. 

Essential Features Of The Google Photos Locked Folder.

  • This tool can be unlocked with the same method as the device is unlocked.
  • Only those users who have Android 6 or later versions can access this amazing featured tool from Google.
  • It has one drawback, but it has been added for privacy only. If you uninstall the app, all the photos and videos stored will be permanently removed. So transfer your files into your device before uninstalling the application. 
  • Photos and videos saved in this folder cannot be transferred to other devices during cloud data transfer.

The above features are essential to know before start using this application. The best part is that it stands on its basic rule of privacy. Any change will not break the privacy of the photos and videos.

Save Photos and Videos Directly from Pixel Device

This information is only for “pixel” device users. Following steps are followed to link your device’s camera with the application.

  • Open the pixel camera application
  • In the top right corner, tap the Locked folder.
  • Link the camera application with the locked folder.
  • Now all the photos and videos will be automatically saved into Google photos app.

How to Move Photos or Videos to the Locked Folder?

  • Select the files you want to move in the locked folder.
  • At the top right of the screen, tap more and Move to the lock folder.
  • Tap Move.

One important thing which every user must keep in mind while using this application is that the cloud backups of these files will be deleted automatically.

Help protect your photos and videos using this platform. Google always offers solutions to every digital problem that its users can face. Use this featured tool from Google to protect your photos and videos from unwanted people.

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