There is no dearth of platforms for marketing products for marketers. Quora is one of those platforms. In 2016 it had 100 million active users worldwide, which grew to 160 million in 2017. This drastic jump in figures shows that this platform is quite popular.

Even if you are not active on this platform, you must have heard about this platform at least once. Quora works on a very simple concept where users post their questions and users from the Quora community answer them. But the question is answered only by an expert, which means the answers are reliable.

Keep on reading this article to understand how businesses can use this tool as a marketing tool and how they can expand their reach using this platform. Also, some valuable tips to start marketing on Quora will be provided.

Why Use Quora for Business Marketing?

Quora is a simple question and answer platform where users post their questions, and a different user who is an expert of the same subject matter answers the question. But many users of Quora are so big that any business can expand its operation using a perfect marketing strategy for Quora.

Follow the following tips while planning marketing strategies for Quora.

  1. Create an Optimal Profile on Quora

This step is common on the platforms. Create a profile that looks optimistic and trustworthy.

Whenever you answer someone’s question on Quora, a bit of your profile shows on the top with your profile name.

Add your expertise to your profile. This method will help you to show users about your USP and help you to gain popularity.

  • Track the topics with notification

Using this platform, you can learn what people ask about your industry. 

Every time a user posts a question related to your field or area of expertise, you will receive a notification. You will receive these questions and answers daily in your mailbox by turning on the notification. Follow different pages related to your industry and receive the newest updates every day. This will increase your reach on this platform.

  • Answer the Best Questions

Answering the questions is a great way to get involved in a community and share knowledge. Follow a strategic way to answer questions that can directly benefit your profile.

  • Search for questions related to the industry to narrow down the search for perfect questions.
  • Choose an ideal topic related to your industry and for which you have the correct stats.
  • After answering one question, search for another question. Frequently answering the different questions can help you level up in the search list.
  • Answer the Questions with full Supremacy

When you start giving answers on this platform, your influence enhances automatically. Answer a question in a detailed way, and your influence will rise on this platform. Keep your answer “good and short.” This will show the readers that you are very focused on the topic and sure. Also, add reference links to your answers. This will make the solutions more reliable.

  • Re-answer the Questions that you have answered previously

This method is known as re-purposing of the contents. Search questions related to the topic on which you have already answered. Attach the link of your previous answers on the same topic to the current answer. In this way, you can increase your views on your previous articles. 

  • Make a Page for Your Business

Like Wikipedia, anyone can create a profile related to a topic on this platform as well. This is an excellent chance for anyone to create their company page on Quora. In the first step, search your company’s name in the search box. If you don’t see your company name in the results, add a topic from the “Create topic” option beneath the “Add Question” box.

Add brief detail about your company and create a topic. Ask the Quora community to review your topic. This helps gain testimonials that will help you further by expanding your reach on this platform.

  • Explore New Headline Ideas

Like you explore perfect keywords for your content on Google, you can do the same thing on Quora. First, type your keyword in Quora Search. Second, filter the search to show only questions. In this way, you will know that you should frame your content for this platform. 

  • Help Users with Customer Support

Like all other social media platforms, Quora also lets you get in direct contact with your customers. This method also helps in establishing your authority and enhancing your influence over the platform.

  • Format Your Contents in an Attractive Manner

This is the key to success on Quora. If you write about the topic in simple language, you will gain more views. Frame your content so that it can be understood by everyone and make it eye-catching.

  1.  Analysis of Your Quora Stats

Quora offers a free analysis of your performance on this platform and provides you the stats in the following breakups-

  • Shares
  • Views 
  • Upvotes

It shows the stats in a category which is distributed in the following way-

  • The blogs you have written,
  • The answers you have given, and
  • The questions you have posted

The above-listed tips for marketing strategy on Quora can help a business to expand its reach and influence on this platform. Follow the tips to make your profile a successful one.

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