As we step into 2022, Google has a newly updated Ads policy. These new ad updates of Google will help your Ads better than before. If you don’t know about these updates, it will be like going shopping and leaving your money back home.

So let’s start with the article and let’s get to know about the new Google Ads updates.

10 Latest Google Ads Updates

There are many updates, but I discuss the top  10 Google ads updates that have helped you with your ads.

  1.   Easily Use & Available Customers Match

In June, Google announced its plan to make Customer Match available to nearly all advertisers.  This particular feature is available to you depending on specific account requirements:

  • All policy-compliant accounts can use Customer Match
  • If you have 90 days of policy-compliant history in Google Ads, you can use Customer Match.

These are only a few examples of the Customer Match feature

2. Availability of Product Feeds For Various Video Campaign

 As youtube is the only platform where audiences come to be entertained and connect with the creators, and get entertained, it is the same platform for shopping. This is why Google evolved TrueView for shopping, product features, and various video campaigns. With the help of this feature, you can show your products images below video ads that will attract visitors to purchase and drive clicks and conversion. Maximum of the advertisers who added their product feeds to their video campaigns achieve 60% more conversion.

  • 3.   Now Youtube Video Discovery Ads are In-feed Video Ads

Google ads update the name of ‘Youtube Video discovery ads’ to ‘In-feed video ads.’ In this feature, you can place your brand, product, or service along with Youtube content viewed by your audience. The ads have mainly appeared in the Youtube Home feed, Watch feed, and Search feed.

  • 4.   Performance Planners Can Plan Over an Entire Account

Planning is the most important part of any marketing strategy. Performance planners simplify this process by removing guesswork and automatically estimating clicks, conversion, and conversion values for your planned campaign.

Here are some updates on Performance Planner:

  • Using past performance features, you can add the earlier ineligible campaigns to your plan.
  • You can easily understand the performance planner in just a sec using the “Suggested Changes” column.
  • Other new secondary metrics will help you to understand the impact on performance beyond your key metrics.
  • You can also choose a particular time range you want to use for the historical conversion rate.
  • 5.   The Google Advertising API upgraded with new features

This is one of the critical updated features of Google Ads. This helps you to manage your Google Ads account and campaigning. If you are coming from AdWords API to Google Advertising API you can get support for more features like- recommendations, Performance Max Campaigns, Keyword Planner, and more.

Some more features of Google Ads API are:

  • You can optimize your ad campaign efficiently
  • You can reach huge visitors on your ads.
  • Another thing is you can find related keywords faster and easier.
  • 6.   On the insight page, drive results with new features

The insight page will help you to keep up with trends tailored to your business. In future weeks you will find various new features on the insight page, which will help you to make your performance better. Some special updated features of insight pages are:

  • Demand Forecasts (beta)
  • Consumer interest insight (beta)
  • Audience insight (beta)
  • Change history insight and auction insight (beta)
  • 7.   Image Extension with new improvements

Image extension is another most useful feature of Google Adwords. At the beginning of this year, Google announced the global availability of image extensions. It will help you to create a more visually engaging search ad. To get more potential customers and to make a perfect image extension Google updated various new improvements these are:

  • You can showcase your brand with relevant visuals on more devices
  • You can use any language with dynamic image extension.
  • By using stock images you can create your image extension.
  • 8.   Google Ads Editor v1.8

Another unique feature that Google introduces is Google Ads Editor version 1.8. This release helps you automatically put recommendations, review account performance. You can discover business-wide trends on the updated version and optimize your ad campaign more efficiently.

  • 9.   Add store sales to your smart biding

Smart bidding is used to grow your online business and in-store sales. Like today when you do any Ads campaign, it needs to react to real-time shifts in consumer behavior. Most retail and restaurant advertisers can use Smart Bidding for store sales to optimize bids for in-store transactions, not just visits.

10. A new way to manage and optimize conversion

Conversion measurement is the main foundation for campaign optimization and helps you understand the value of marketing. It also allows you to deliver better performance by using tools like Smart bidding.

Some features of Smart biding are:

  • You can drive performance with your conversion goals
  • Always be sure your conversion tags are working correctly or not.
  • Easier to understand changes in conversion value explanation

Sew up

These are the latest 10 Google Adwords updates that help you deal with it. I hope these latest updates are helpful for your ad campaign and drive traffic to your business. You can start using these updates from now on.

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